It's Just a Hobby...

The works and quirks of Steven G Marlow

Maker of things - mostly of wood - sometimes for function, sometimes for beauty, sometimes for both, but always for pleasure.

Demonstrations, personal instruction, or group workshops with hands-on learning are available to all.  Please visit the "Classes and Demos" page for additional information

Links and Resources

Join the AAW
I strongly encourage you to become a member of the American Association of Woodturners.  The benefits are numerous and far outweigh the meager annual membership fee.  For information and registration, please click Here

AAW Fundamentals:

Get a Good Start:  Tips for New Woodturners

Lathe Safety 

Sharprning Jigs and Safety

Teaching Woodturning Basics

Sharpening Demystified

Lathe Tune-up (getting the most from your lathe)

Demonstration Handouts

Board to Bowl

Salt Cellar
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